Church Re-Opening

Following information was updated on August 21, 2020. Email was sent to the congregation by Donna on August 22.


We pray that this informational correspondence finds you blessed.

It has  been about  a month  since  we  last  worshipped  together  in  our beautiful sanctuary (although it seems a lot longer). We thank the Lord for modern technology which has allowed us to continue to connect with one another. Yet,we also know that there is something unique about coming together  in  person  for  worship,  teaching,  and  fellowship.  Our  Reopening Task Forcemet on Monday, the 17th. After much discussion, and taking into account the protocols that we will follow as well as hearing your hearts, we are delighted to announce that in person worship will return again at our regular worship times of 8:30am and 10:30am on August 30th.

The date that small Bible studies will start up again is this coming Monday, August 24th (see  the  calendar  at for  schedule  of  bible  studies, classes, etc). Some ministry groups will be on the calendar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are READY to meet yet. Please call your facilitator first if you have any questions about your particular groups startup before showing up for a meeting. MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL BE MANDATORY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MEETING TIME!

Ministry meetings that have notified us are:

1. The Thrift Shop will be opening back up on Wednesday, August 26 that their regularly scheduled hours.

2. Prayer in the Chapel will start back up again on Thursday, September 3rd at 1:15 pm.

3. The  UMW  will  be  holding  their  annual  bazaar in  Fellowship Hall this year, for one day, on Friday, November 6th from 9am to 3pm. There will  be  no  food  being  served  or  sold.  Whether  or  not  masks  will  be required will be dependent on CDC guidelines on that date.

4. Serendipity  Men will  begin on  Tuesday,  August  25th at 3:00  pm  in rooms 113/114.

5. Men’s  Prayer  Wednesday, begins August 26th at  7am  in  rooms 113/114.

6. Stephen Minister peer groups (check the calendar). They are meeting in  respective  rooms  and  at  the  same  times  as  their  pre-pandemic schedule  that  they  met  in  before  the  pandemic  but  call  your  group leader to verify first.

7. W.O.W.-call your facilitator.

8. Bible Discovery Class, Fridays, August 21 @ 6pm in room 114.

9. S.O.A.P. Thursday’s beginning August 27 @ 10am in rooms 113/114.

10.Wise Bible Study, Friday’s August 28 @ 10am in rooms 113/114.

11. ML Respite, Monday’s August 24@ 1pm in room 105.

12. ML Caregiver Support, Monday’s August 24 @ 1pm in room 106.

13. Truthseeker’s, Sunday, August 30, 9:30am in rooms 113/114.

If I have omitted your group, class or study I do apologize. Please call your facilitator to find out if they are opening up yet or, if not, when they plan to. I will need to add it to my calendar again.

We  want  as  many  people  as  possible  to  feel  comfortable  returning  to worship together,so out of love for one another we ask that the precautions outlined below be followed as closely as possible. It is our hope that the joy of re-gathering will overcome any potential awkwardness and frustrations we may experience.

We  will  not  be  able  to anticipate  every  scenario  of  social  interaction  nor remove  every  risk.  Each  individual  is responsible  for  their  own  personal health and we will continue to provide our worship services streamed live on Facebook at 8:30 am and on YouTube pre-recorded about 1:00 pm for anyone  who  is  not  ready  to  return  to  a  public  gathering.  We  will also continue to operate in accordance with the guidelines put in place by the CDC and the United Methodist Florida Conference.

Guidelines  and  precautions for August 30th reopening (We  apologize  in advance, but they are not open for negotiation):

Before the Service starts:

-First and foremost, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, fatigue, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite) or are exhibiting any other flu-like symptoms or illness we ask that you stay home.

-As  you  arrive  our  Faith  Community  Nurse  team  will  check  your temperature  using  non-contact  thermal  scanners.  Those with a temperature of  100.4  or  above will  not  be  allowed  to  enter  the sanctuary  but will  be  given  instructions  on  what  steps  they  should follow  and  be directed to  go  home  and enjoy  our  worship  service online.

-As you wait to be scanned/enter the sanctuary please wear your mask and practice social distancing. If you need a mask, we will have them available. Just ask one of our ushers to bring you one. If you are on oxygen  and  cannot  wear  a  mask,  we  will  have  a  clear  visor  shield available for you. Please be patient!

-Immediately upon entered the Narthex, we ask you to use our hand sanitizer.

-MASKS  WILL NOW BE  MANDATORY THROUGHOUT THE SERVICE  AND  ENTERING  AND  EXITING THE CHURCH BUILDING. We understand that some may have breathing difficulties wearing a mask for an extended period of time. If this applies to you, then you would do well to stay at home and watch us online, because masks will be worn throughout the entire period that you will be in the building.

-Singing or visiting with your neighbors while in the pews will not be allowed either. As difficult as this will be, we must follow these rules in order to continue to be able to worship in personas we attempt to not spread the virus to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

-Ushers will guide worshippers to their seats. (Every other pew will be blocked  off  and  congregants  will  be  seated  six  feet  from  other worshippers). Please respect the direction of the ushers.

-There will be no bulletins or any other printed materials in the pews.

-The Welcome Desk will be open, but again, you must wear your mask.

During the Service:

-Offering plates will not be passed from hand to hand. Rather there will be  designated  receptacles  for  the  offering  in  the Narthex  area (this will be the only entrance on Sunday morning) and at each exit as you leave through the side doors.

-There  will  be  no  hymn  singing  but  our  wonderful  music  team will present special music items. You are welcome to lift hands in praise.

-We ask you to refrain from shaking hands and giving hugs.

-Restrooms are open, but please do not congregate outside or inside the restroom.

After the Service:

-To  prevent  congestion  and  ensure  social  distancing,  ushers  will dismiss worshippers by  rows(similar to  our  Communion  Sundays). Please stay seated until the usher directs you to leave.

-Conversation is encouraged outdoors while maintaining proper social distancing.

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.

Faith Cafe is suspended until further notice.

The Sanctuary will be thoroughly cleaned between the two worship services using a disinfectant solution applied with Hudson Pumps.

We  eagerly  await  the  day  when  these  temporary  restrictions  can  be removed. Our cooperation will help speed up that process. Until then, let us all remember that love and consideration of others is the truest mark of a believer (John 13:35;  Philippians 2:3-5).  Our  aim  is  to  honor  the  Lord and show proper concernand respect for one another, as well as maintain a faithful testimony before the world as we reopen the sanctuary.

If  you  are  unable  to  meet  with  us,  we  fully  understand  and  will  try  to minister to you the best we can while we face this pandemic. As stated, for the time being, our worship services will continue to be live streamed on Facebook at 8:30 am each Sunday. After the service, then about 1 pm, it will be accessible via our website at and our YouTube page at

If there is anything you need or if you have any concerns, be sure to contact Pastor Patti at or   our   Administrator,   Donna at


~ Pastor Patti and the Reopening Task Force Committee




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